We are extremely happy that we went to Lou Calemine and his staff. At first we were apprehensive to go to a real estate office but Lou's techniques, marketing strategies and reach were phenomenal. His advertising reached into numerous neighborhoods that brought over 300 potential buyers to our open house. He has a wealth of professional contacts in the industry that assisted in selling our home successfully. Lou Calemine sold our house for $50,000.00 above asking price. We were ecstatic. He made sure every transition in selling our home was smooth and that we, as his clients were comfortable and happy with the sale. As far as we are concerned Lou and his staff are the ONLY Real Estate to consider and we wholeheartedly recommend Lou, John, Alex and the rest of his team.
Anna Sartini (Seller)
30 Stryker Ct.

Choosing Calemine & Co. alleviated the daunting task of having to sell my mothers home after she had to move in with me, and my family after an acute illness. Louis explained each step of his marketing strategy and understood all of my needs. He took the weight of the world off my shoulders. I just gave him the key and he began to work his magic! When he told me that he would handle everything, he meant every word. I needed to take care of mom and I was unable to travel back and forth to Brooklyn to clean out an entire house filled with 50 plus years of belongings. Louis immediately made one phone call and his amazing recommendation for a clean out company was able to meet me at the house for a consultation and start date for a reasonable price. Louis has a reliable contact for all of your needs. Although he is extremely busy, every phone call I made to ask a question was answered either immediately or within just a few minutes. He constantly provided me with progress updates and checked on the house to make sure the heat was on and all the doors and windows were closed. The open house he had was UNBELIEVABLE – if I didn’t see it with my own eyes I would never have believed HUNDREDS of people showed up and within a week there were multiple offers. This entire experience was just INCREDIBLE. I could keep writing all day about how Louis and John, are more than just an amazing team. They are our extended family! If you are looking for a realtor, I highly recommend Calemine & Co. I can assure you that you could completely trust them to professionally represent each and every one of their clients.
Mr. & Mrs. Przybyszewski (Seller)
2252 E 13th St.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for serving as our listing agent with respect to the sale of the above-referenced property. My parents purchased this home in 1959, and lived there until my dad passed away in May of 2019. As you are aware, I was the executor of my father's estate and was charged with the responsibility of listing the house for sale. I interviewed three realtors and wound up choosing Calemine and Company Real Estate. I knew as soon as I met you that your firm was the company I needed to assist me with this transaction. While the other two firms that I interviewed
were reputable, neither one of them assured me that the house would get sold and that it would get sold for the right price.

I live in Syracuse, five hours from Brooklyn. When we met, you promised me that you would be my "boots on the ground" during the sale of this property. You went above and beyond your responsibilities in listing and selling this house. You staged the house and took pictures for the listing on Calemine and Company's website. You collected mail from the house and forwarded it to me. I hired you in the summer and we decided the fall would be the right time to sell the house. You conducted an open house for three days and came away with several offers. You had a contract to me within five days of the completion of the open house. Not just that, but the deal was a cash deal. My aunt attended the open house and raved to me about what a great job your firm did.

I cannot tell you how comforting it was to have you as the agent listing this house. Your communication was excellent and I could tell how much pride you take in your work. I would not hesitate to recommend Calemine and Company Real Estate to anyone looking to list a house.

Thank you for everything, Louis.
William Sullivan (Seller)
448 72nd St.

Even though Lou was the seller's Broker, Lou was extremely honest, guided us through the entire process, and responded to all of our questions very quickly. He did not pressure us into making any rushed decisions, and made it very comfortable to work with him. He was very knowledgeable on the house and its features and the surrounding area. Louis will go above and beyond to make sure the entire process will flow smoothly. We would not have been able to buy this house without Louis. He is simply amazing. Our bank's appraisal came back much lower than the agreed upon sale price which jeopardized the entire sale. Louis advised us to switch banks quickly if we wanted to save the deal. He gave us a loan officer's contact for another bank that he personally used to buy his own house, and Lou also worked with him directly to explain our current fiasco of a situation. In less than a week, all the paperwork with the new bank was completed/approved; they were even able to match our original interest rate (the interest rate had gone up quite a bit since when we first locked it), and the new bank's appraisal came back identical to the sale price. All this happened in less than ONE WEEK! It was probably the longest, and most stressful week ever in our lives but we got through it. Could not have done this without Lou's help. Lou came through in the clutch! Very fortunate for Lou's help and expertise in this field. Would definitely recommend him to friends and families who are looking to buy/sell.
Vanessa & Raymond Huang (Buyers)
71 Nicole Loop

Louis Calemine made the experience of selling my home very easy for me, especially concerning my situation which had some hurdles to overcome. I currently live in another state so the fact that Mr. Calemine's communication was prompt eased the selling process for me. I found him to be very informative about the process and any questions I had as a first-time seller. He even provided me with resources to look into when I mentioned certain needs. Mr. Calemine is a very friendly approachable individual who I would recommend to any other person looking for a reliable real estate agent.
Alejandro Flores (Seller)
1654 W 2nd St.

This is a testimonial on the outstanding job done by all in the sale of my home. Louis rang my doorbell one day in late 2014 and talked to us about selling our home, we were not ready at the time after a couple of false starts with previous real estate agents, who by the way promise everything and tell you they have buyers lined up with cash in hand, then do nothing, and you never see a client of theirs, or even a call for an appointment. Louis on the other hand, point blank said he would sell our home and basically said he would probably get more than what we asked for. We listened, and told him that we would call him when we were ready. Anna and I discussed it, and since our experience was not too good in the past we felt that this was just another sales pitch, and nothing would happen. Well the time finally came in early 2015, and we decided to call Louis back and give it another try. Louis made an appointment to meet with us, he explained in detail what he was going to do, and how, and that we should expect to be moving out of the house by summer. He advertised as he said, and set up an “open-house” weekend for potential buyers about a month after we met with him. That weekend came and we were astonished at the number of people he had coming through, they even kept coming after the advertised hours of the open house. Within a couple of days he had multiple offers, even to the point that buyers were out-bidding each other for the house! It was great for us, it drove the sales price up, just as Louis had said it might happen. He was right, and we were happy! And by the way, we were moving by early summer! Anna and I would like to say a great big thank you to Louis Calemine and his Team. They walk the walk, and talk the talk. They did everything they promised, and more, and was there through the process from start to finish. I would highly recommend this team to anyone who is looking to sell, and buy, and Anna and I would have no hesitation in using Louis Calemine and his Team again. They are the Best.
Anna Marra & Joe Sottile (Sellers)
1654 81st St.

Louis Calemine is an outstanding and professional realtor. He went above and beyond for my mother in securing the sale of her home and walking her step by step in the entire process from beginning to the very end. He was available to us at any time of day or night and always pleased and eager to whatever our needs were. The house went up on the market, an open house was put in motion and immediately we had multiple offers. Louis Calamine always put my mother at ease and had her best interest first and foremost. In our opinion, he’s the best realtor in New York. He’s got our seal of approval and we will always refer him and his team for anyone looking to buy or sell. Ten stars in our book for sure.
Annette Santiago (Seller)
631 Beach 65th St.

Honest, conscientious, thoughtful and knowledgeable, these are the first words that come to mind when I think of Louis Calemine. I have never sold a house before, so when my uncle passed away, i was left with the tremendous burden of emptying and selling his house. He had collected items for over 60 years and it was quite overwhelming. I had only heard from friends and family that realtors were not to be trusted.They would say "they will promise you the moon, but never deliver." When I told my lawyer I really didnt know where to begin, he said,"I know someone who may be able to help you. I thought to myself. "Oh no, not a realtor. Given my situation I agreed to meet with him and my attorney called Louis. Within half an hour he came to the attorney's office and we proceeded to my uncles house to assess the situation. Louis being very knowledgeable about the market, told me we would have no trouble selling this property. (I had my doubts given the condition of the house.) He explained the fair market value and what the asking price should be. At this price he said there might even be a bidding war. Honestly, I really didnt believe that . At this meeting he was very professional and never pushy. He explained his marketing strategy and open house procedure. He also said I could go through the house, take what I want and he would dispose of the rest. He did everything he said, he even got a moving company to move large pieces of furniture that I decided to keep. He said to me ,"its my job to make this process easy for you" and that's exactly what he did. Louis was always there through this whole process, answering countless texts and calls. The house sold in one weekend. He had over 500 people at the open house and yes there was a bidding war. Louis Calemine and John did an amazing job from start to finish. I would highly recommend their services.
Annette Scarcella (Seller)
1988 W 13th St

Calemine & Co. are excellent throughout the entire process. If you are buying, selling or renting a home my advice is to call Calemine & Co. You won’t regret it. They are professional and knowledgeable.
Arthur Paladino (Seller)
2057 Homecrest Ave.

Working with Louis Calemine was the best part of the whole process I had to deal with. He helped me to understand all the ins and outs for selling my home and I am truly grateful to have worked with him and his entire team. He came across as knowledgeable and friendly and always answered my calls with questions. He is a real stand up guy and I would totally recommend him to anyone.
Betsey Cervantes (Seller)
933 E 96th St.

I was going to sell my house for less money because I did not realize the value of the house and the property. Louis Calemine was amazing; he looked at the home and recognized its value in the market. He assessed all the benefits of this magnificent home, and he sold at much higher than my original asking price. I was thrilled and overjoyed. I was very grateful and amazed at what this broker was able to do. Dreams can come true! He was able to sell the home for more money than I had ever anticipated.
Betty Bruckman (Seller)
2172 E 63rd St.

We writing to express our most sincere appreciation for the help Alice O’Connor provided in finding suitable housing for our daughter (Erika). Because Erika is in medical school she was unable to visit and thoroughly research housing options. As such, she decided to work through Alice (and Calemine Agency) and rely on a fellow student (living the area) to inspect and approve the condition of apartment options. Unfortunately, the apartment that was selected was not in suitable condition when she arrived (October 1, 2015). Also complicating matters was that we had signed a 12 month lease.

Realizing that the owner/landlord was not interested in making timely and suitable repairs, Erika called Alice to see if she could relocate her to another apartment. Alice responded immediately and within 24 hours, had found a recently renovated apartment. She was also able to negotiate (on our behalf) a suitable release from the above mentioned lease and return our security deposit. Alice took the time to check up on our daughter once she was situated in the new apartment. I cannot tell you how thankful we are that we selected Alice to work with…..it is clear that she takes pride in providing relocate services to the area. Alice deserves recognition and the highest compliments for her help.

Bill and Roxanne Agee
Bill & Roxanne Agee (Tenants)
210 Beach Breeze Ln.

Louis Calemine sold our mother's home in Brooklyn. Louis and his team did an amazing job of advertising our home. As a result, over 500 people showed up for the open house. We ended up receiving over 25 offers and we sold for more than we had originally expected. Louis and his team are true professionals and treated us with the utmost care and respect.

He was always available to take my phone calls and answer any question I would have, even once when he was away on vacation! Louis was always looking out for us. Since the house was unoccupied, Louis would often visit the house, securing windows and making sure the heat was working. He was truly our "boots on the ground" as he put it.

Louis was also a great referral source, introducing us to Gerard Imperato our attorney as well as other professionals who made the process as stress free as possible. Louis has become more than just my real estate broker. I consider him a friend.

Thank you Louis.

Carmine Minieri (Seller)
1941 E 15th St.

In the wake of my Mother’s passing, I was faced with the overwhelming task to sell her co-op.

After 6/months and no bites I decided to change my realtor. So, I reached out to Louis Calemine an old friend from over 20 years ago.

As soon as the property listed they had showings after showings, but one thing stood in their way, a train that no one wanted to live next to. Not being discouraged they continued to work tirelessly. Their perseverance paid off when a well-qualified buyer made an offer. Unfortunately, they were faced with another obstacle, the Board of Directors. With our hands tied and me at my wits end, I told Louis if he wanted to walk away I would understand. He told me he would not abandon me and reassured me he was in it for the long haul.

Shortly after he called to tell me we received another offer and he got it above asking, your prayers have been answered. Which I replied, I already knew that the day I called Calemine & Co.

A heartfelt thanks to Louis & John for making a difficult situation a little easier. And for all their hard work, determination and commitment.

If you want a realtor who will go above and beyond, treat you like family and is the whole package of what a good realtor is, hire Calemine & Co. A class of its own
Christine DeMatteo Bromfield (Seller)
2915 W 5th St. #13B

The crew at Calemine & Co. have a unique sales strategy unlike most other real estate firms, and work hard to get you maximum dollar for your home. John was available day and night to help out with whatever we needed. They really make the entire process as smooth as possible and have a real understanding of going the extra mile for their clients. I will be recommending them to anyone I know who's looking to sell their home. (Seller, 2446 E 7th St.)
Dennis Fermaint (Seller)
2446 E 7th St.

The decision to have Calemine & Co. sell my house was not a difficult one. Having witnessed how their selling style consistently resulted in quick sales and better than asking selling price convinced my wife and me that they were the ones to handle the sale of our property.

I had the opportunity to see Louis’ unique selling methodology firsthand prior to choosing his group to represent us since he sold several properties on my block. Watching the potential buyers streaming through the homes for sale made it clear that Calemine & Co. was our best bet to get the job done and done right.

Once the process started Louis took over everything, guiding us every step of the way, making positive recommendations and anticipating potential pitfalls that were easily averted through early detection. All this attention to detail is how we were escorted through what would have been a very stressful ordeal if we had not chosen Louis Calemine to sell our property.

I am certain that I will be doing business with Louis Calemine again, and I would certainly recommend Calemine & Co. to anyone in need of a truly professional real estate agent.
Dominick & Maria Napoli (Sellers)
2077 Bragg St.

It was time to sell the house we had lived in for 48 years. It is a unique house with an unusually large piece of property. We knew we would have a tough decision between a private buyer or a developer. Louis Calemine was professional, considerate and patient as we considered our options and made our final decision. His unique sales strategy generated 6 qualified buyers in just a few weeks after just one weekend of open houses. We were in contract a few weeks later and it all was accomplished without day after day of potential buyers walking through the property. I would recommend Calemine & Co. to anyone in the market to sell or buy a home. Honest and trustworthy-traits that can be hard to find these days!
Frank Danza (Seller)
2622 E 24th St.

I attempted to sell my home without a real estate broker for a few months. A few people made offers but they were not near the amount that I was asking. I also realized that I was too emotionally involved with selling the house. This was a house that my grandparents bought and I had lived in it my entire life. I had retired and wanted to move to Virginia to be near my daughter and grandchildren but was still very attached to the house. I met Louis Calemine and within a week we had the ball rolling. I put the house on the market on Thursday. We had showings on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. One of the parties that viewed the house on Friday made an offer we countered on Monday and by Monday night we agreed on a price. The entire process was smooth and relatively easy thanks to Louis. He was at the home during the inspection and walk through. Oh I forgot to mention that the sale was a cash deal and $5,000 less than my asking price. I know that I would not have gotten as much for my house nor would it have sold that quickly without Louis' services. If I had another house to sell I would definitely use him and would highly recommend him to all my friends and family.

Gail Hooks (Seller)
2340 E 15th St.

Louis and his team were just great. Had a wonderful marketing plan which resulted in selling my Brooklyn house for $15K OVER asking price. Job well done guys.
Gary Adams (Seller)
2330 E 15th St.

It was a pleasure working with Louis Calemine and his team. He's an honest hardworking broker that strives to do the best for his clients. He will go above and beyond the normal scope to get the job done and make sure everyone is happy with the outcome.
Irina Sterling (Seller)
71 Nicole Loop

I recently had the good fortune to hire Louis Calemine & Co. to sell my rental property. They were right on the ball, securing a buyer at the first showing, and above asking price! Louis ensured that this buyer had the funds for the purchase, thus not wasting time. All my many telephone calls were attended to without delay. Calemine & Co. were professional, knowledgable and extremely pleasant throughout. I know that this is one field where a consumer can get burned, however the opposite is true with Calemine & Co. I will miss them!
Jack & Paula Camhi (Sellers)
2267 E 13th St.

I've recently bought a home through Louis Calemine. My experience with Louis & John is nothing but EXCELLENCE. I'm a first time home buyer and they walked us through the process, from the first steps to buying home owner / flood insurance to the closing table... Every step of the way they were very patient with my ignorance in buying a home and help explain and breakdown everything in a way, a new home buyer would understand. Never once left us in the dark. I am glad they were the listing agent for the house we bought.
Jacky Li (Buyer)
631 Beach 65th St.

Virginia and I are both impressed by your expertise and enthusiasm on real estate , particularly in this neighborhood. We can see that you have sound strategies marketing the properties and we will certainly recommend you to our friends selling their properties. As a buyer, we are especially grateful that you spent time educating us on the design and maintenance of the house. This is very helpful to first time home buyers like us. We know that you went an extra mile and we value your warm customer services.
Johnson & Virginia Lee (Buyers)
2340 E 15th St.

It was nothing short of an amazing experience working with Louis Calemine and everyone at Calemine & Co. Louis and the team have an entrepreneurial spirit that I did not see in other local real estate companies I have utilized. They did not just "sell" the property, they dug in and did real marketing to uncover the true demand which lead to the best price. The house we sold was part of settling the estate of a beloved family member. They respected the needs of our family and when unexpected circumstances arose everything was handled with swiftly and with sensitivity and professionalism. Thanks to the skills of this team the sale of this property - which included the relocation of two tenants - was completed in less than six months! They helped our family through a stressful and emotional time. We strongly recommend Louise Calemine and Calemine & Co.
Joseph Apicella (Seller)
2171 E 4th St.

Louis and his team were extremely responsive and knowledgeable throughout the process. In addition, Louis was very transparent about what to expect and when the sale would likely happen. We felt very well represented and recommend Louis and his team highly. We look forward to working with Calemine & Co. in the future.
Joseph Daniele (Seller)
2935 W 5th St. #6G

Louis & staff: You guys are absolutely amazing at what you do!! You sold our house for us within the worst possible times of the world being in a pandemic!! We truly love you all!! Louis, John & the rest of the Calemine & Co. staff & families!! Louis you really had a harder job selling our house due to and dealing with an obnoxious tenant that we had that “wouldn’t go away”!! We were very lucky that we sold our house really fast in spite of the hurdles!! We had our first open house the first weekend in February and we were signed into a contract in April!! I will recommend your real estate company to anyone that wants a good, honest and caring realtor to sell their home!! “Clients come first” is an understatement!! You are the absolute best!!!
Xoxo Joyce & Anthony
Joyce & Anthony Salesi (Sellers)
1031 Lancaster Ave.

We had the best experience purchasing our new house with the Calemine & Co Real Estate. Both John and Louis were very respectful, professional and they have a great work ethic. It wasn’t our first time buying a real estate property, so Calemine defiantly exceeded our expectations. I truly believe that their expertise helped tremendously in our transaction, they went above and beyond to make this the smoothest purchase. I would definitely use them again in the future and recommend to all my friends!
Kate Pinets (Buyer)
2330 E 15th St.

Louis and his team at Calemine are top notch professionals. I had the pleasure of working with team Calemine on the recent purchase of my home. Louis and team worked closely with the seller and the attorneys to close out all title issues and expedite the closing the closing process. If not for Covid, we would have closed in a little over a month. Nevertheless we were still able to close in less than three months. After closing, Louis and team was very hands on and remained in contact to ensure the handover of the home was smooth. Thank you Calemine for all of your efforts."
Kenny Ly
1988 W 13th St (Buyer)

I am the owner of this home. I purchased it in 1983 for my mother and father. Now they are gone. I held onto the property for another 18 years. I rented the both apartments. It was a great buy at the time. Now I have to move on. It is bittersweet. I went into Calemine Co. Real Estate and told him my story and that I would like Louis to put it on the market. Louis and John were so helpful. They took care of everything for me. They kept me informed every step of the way. There was an open house and 300 people showed up at three showings. Then the bidding war began. I never thought I would get way and I mean way more than I put it on the market for. I have never seen a Real Estate work as if I was the only client they had. Today 4/29/15 I signed the contract and expect to go to closing the last week of June. I never thought the house would sell so fast. When you pick the best you get the best. I would highly recommend Calemine Real Estate if you are looking for a home or selling a home. Thank you so much Louis and John. YOU ARE THE BEST. Call them at 718-998-1100. You will be happy you did.
Linda Dunic (Seller)
2375 E 23rd St.

Our time spent with Louis Calemine has been nothing but exciting. He guided us though the entire process of purchasing our two family house in Bensonhurst, New York, starting with the initial offer to the final price. Mr. Calemine answered all of our questions thoroughly and to the point. We are first time buyers and he could not have made the experience any more pleasurable.

He is very personable and knows the market inside and out. He gave us priceless advice, from renovating to buying new furniture. All in all, we are very pleased with Mr. Calemine and we recommend him to all of his future clients.
Lisa Huang (Buyer)
2130 77th St.

We can't thank you enough for the way you went about selling our house. Never did we imagine it would sell in three days. We trusted you and went with your ideas. We appreciate all you've done and highly recommend you. Thanks again.
Lois & Larry Mandelbaum (Sellers)
2066 E 23rd St.

We gave Calemine & Co. Real Estate the exclusive right to sell our Crown Heights home. We are extremely happy with the service and result and would highly recommend Louis Calemine to our neighbors.
Martin & Annie Cooper (Sellers)
428A St. Marks Ave.

Louis Calemine was highly recommended to me by someone who was extremely satisfied with his service. After his planning, his execution, and his completion with selling my house, I realized how responsible, trusting, and capable he is in Real Estate transactions.

You cannot go wrong with Calemine!

Mary & Carlo Carmona (Sellers)
2326 E 15th St.

We want to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Louis Calemine and Calemine & Co. Real Estate for the amazing and brilliant manner in which he marketed and sold our home for a price much higher than asking. From beginning to end, he handled every detail professionally making us feel we were his only clients. If you are selling a home, please speak to Louis Calemine first. You will not be sorry.
Merrie Ruberto (Seller)
9 Amsterdam Ave.

Being a first time home-buyer, for me the whole process can seem stressful. However, Louis made it as painless as possible. During the process we appreciated Louis' experience, communication skills, and professionalism. A lot of the time, we relied on his advice and guidance. Everything was handled promptly and well. He kept us informed, educated us on the process, and continues to follow up with us. Louis and his team were very professional and a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new home.I absolutely could not have been happier with the experience. Louis really took out all of the stress of being a first time home buyer, and if I happen to buy a new house, I certainly would use him again.
Minh Ly (Buyer)
2326 E 15th St.

Our building has been in our family since 1963 and it was very hard to let go, but Louis and his team made it easy. When we first met Louis he spent his time looking at our building from top to bottom, and after that he explained how they do things at Calemine and Co. He was thorough in explaining how they would market the building and what would happen at the open house. I have to tell you we thought he was crazy, but the ultimate outcome proved that an open house was definitely the way to go. We learned so much going through this with Louis, he is smart, knows what he's talking about and he cares. We trusted him with our building- which was for lack of a better term like an appendage to us and our family. We trusted the process but of course if we had a question or two (we had a lot), Louis and his team were ALWAYS there to answer us. We can't thank Louis and his team enough for making this as painless as they did and we are so happy to have met such wonderful people along the way. Louis and his team are caring, smart, trustworthy and a hardworking group. You can't get better then this team of professionals.
We only wish we had more property to sell, because you guys are amazing at what you do. It was great to see Calemine & Co in action. If we're ever in the market to sell property again, we will definitely choose to work with Louis and his team.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We really wouldn't have wanted anyone else to help guide us through this emotional journey.
Nichole and Isabella
Nichole Randazzo (Seller)
920 McDonald Ave.

I want to thank you Louis at Calemine & Co. Real Estate & his entire staff for doing a great job on selling my home. Louis made it a quick and easy transaction. Louis was there to answer all my questions & made me feel comfortable. Calemine & Co. are the best in what they do. I would highly recommend them. Thank you.
Nina Calabrese (Seller)
323 Allen Ave.

Louis Calemine and his staff sold two of my houses and helped me purchase another house. Louis sold both houses for the most money possible and was professional and worked very hard in finding me a home as well. I would recommend Calemine & Co. Real Estate to anyone who is looking to sell a house. Thank you Louis and staff for all the hard work
Oliwia Tierney (Seller)
2301 & 2304 E 4th St.

My husband and I met Louis Calemine because he was the sellers’ agent for the house we recently purchased. We understood that we would not be represented by our own real estate agent on this deal, so it was particularly important that we form a good relationship with him. Before submitting our offer, we spent a long time talking with Louis and concluded that he is a sincere and trustworthy individual.

As we worked with him over the course of a few months, we found that our impression was well-founded. In fact, the whole team at Calemine & Co. is always extremely helpful and cordial.

Louis is very passionate about everything related to real estate in Brooklyn: he has worked construction, run a business restoring and selling houses, studied Urban Planning at Columbia University and apprenticed at a large brokerage firm. He loves it all, “dal cucchiaio alla citta.” We appreciate the breadth of his experience, his support team, enthusiasm and innovative style.

If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Brooklyn, Calemine & Co. will take care of you as though you were family.
Pamela Turczyn & Mikio Sekita (Buyers)
428A St. Marks Ave

The service and personal attention I received from you on the sale of my home and the purchase of my condo was exceptional.

From the beginning I was so pleased with the manner in which my home was presented and shown to prospective buyers.

Because of you my home was sold in record time! On the purchase of my condo you listened to what I wanted, you were patient and understanding and always looked out for my best interest. You found exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t be happier.

I consider you more than my realtor, I consider you my friend.

I would gladly do business again with you and I will continue to give my recommendation to anyone considering the purchase or
sale of their home, condo etc.
Patricia Witherow (Seller/Buyer)
1946 E 15th St. / 6833 Shore Rd., unit 3D

The guy and his firm is seriously amazing! He worked a deal for our house that got us a record price within our development that was near our asking and was able to convert on a VERY difficult three way sale with contingencies between buyers and sellers.

He NEVER quit and promised to make it happen and boy did he live up to his word. Imagine that !! Never met an agent quite like Lou!

Also got it sold on time and within the window before commitments expired etc. Kept us in the loop for evert step of the way..
Patrick Benasillo (Seller)
55 Nicole Loop

Louis provided exceptional service, comprehensive marketing and in-depth knowledge of every facet towards completing the sale of the house. It was a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend his services.
Peter Koutroubis (Seller)
431 99th St.

I felt compelled to write a note of satisfaction for the exemplary service I received during the sale of my home. What you didn't know was I first listed with a "bargain basement" realtor who would charge me less....well, I got less!...I got no offers, had no contract, and was supremely annoyed in their handling. After signing with your firm, interest exploded!...you ran open house parties, your listing was noticed, and you stayed in contact with me every step of the way, your professional staff made sure of it!....I noticed many re-visits you arranged with "lukewarm" buyers to stimulate offers. I felt as is if I was your only client; knowing full well you were busy with other clients as well. That's a unique talent you demonstrated....I am in business also, and I try to let each client feel they are my only....to us, this perception is everything; it gives us peace of mind and confidence that the best deal that can be made, will be made.

Last note: I have a family member who works for another popular real estate group in the neighborhood, and is a licensed broker....he was annoyed he didn't get the listing; but, assured me the deal you made was the best I could do, and he could do no better...and thank you for finding me a place to stay, at no charge I might add, since you sold the property qiucker than I was able to relocate..
Peter Roumel
Peter Roumel (Seller)
2235 E. 16th Street

Louis was the real estate broker for the house we were looking to purchase. Despite this, Louis was professional, courteous, and helpful, even though we were not his clients. Due to COVID, it took a while for us to finally close but Louis was there to answer questions and help move things forward as much as he can.
Phillip Quang (Buyer)
1031 Lancaster Ave.

Thank you for your help with finding the ideal house to live in. I hope your business is booming. We will do business again!
Qin Lam (Buyer)
1654 81st St.

Louis went above and beyond helping us sell our house. He told us what we could get for our home and worked to get top dollar. He far exceeded our expectations at price and made sure we had nothing to worry about in the process of the sale. He has a network of resources that he readily provides that are all reasonably priced when there was something the home needed to prepare it for the sale. His demeanor is kind and confident and he is very reassuring if any issues arose. I could not have been happier with Louis as our real estate agent and I've bought and sold many homes and he was by far, the best I've come across. Very professional.
Rita Abraham (Seller)
2271 E 18th St.

“Exceptional” – would be the word used to define our experience with Louis and Calemine & Co Real Estate during the sale of our home. It was a pleasure from the moment we met Louis and his colleagues as their professionalism was immediately evident. Louis was instrumental in easing the home seller’s anxiety that my wife and I felt as first time sellers. It was Louis’ mild mannered way of explaining the details of the selling steps that started with their tailored marketing of our home through the closing process that made us feel more relaxed knowing we had someone of his experience and expertise at our side. From the moment the house went on the market to accepting a bid and finally going into closing, Louis and his colleagues guided us every step of the way with clarity and transparency. The transparency was obvious when we began receiving bids that were in-line not only with our asking price, but also with the bid levels that were projected by Loui s even before marketing was initiated. Any questions or concerns we had were addressed immediately and his guidance through the closing process was unparalleled. For example, when the title company saw a potential discrepancy and discussions began to swing back and forth, it was Louis who jumped to action and assisted in managing the dialogue between the lawyers and the title company which ultimately lead to a successful closing. If you are considering putting your home on the market, I would very much recommend contacting Louis and his colleagues. My wife and I not only made a wise business decision, but we also made a great new friend.
Rob & Anna Careaga (Sellers)
3324 Avenue R

It was nothing short of an amazing experience working with Louis Calemine and everyone at Calemine & Co. Louis and the team have an entrepreneurial spirit that I did not see in other local real estate companies I have utilized. They did not just "sell" the property, they dug in and did real marketing to uncover the true demand which lead to the best price. The house we sold was part of settling the estate of a beloved family member. They respected the needs of our family and when unexpected circumstances arose everything was handled with swiftly and with sensitivity and professionalism. Thanks to the skills of this team the sale of this property - which included the relocation of two tenants - was completed in less than six months! They helped our family through a stressful and emotional time. We strongly recommend Louis Calemine and Calemine & Co.
Robert Mineo (Seller)
26 Reeve Pl.

Honestly it was pleasure working with Frank and Louis. The communication was great and they were very accommodating in making this deal work. They were also both very reassuring. Couldn't have asked to work with a better two guys on this deal.
Tremayne Craigg (Buyer)
933 E 96th St.

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